Flint & Neill are Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers providing innovative and advanced solutions to a variety of engineering challenges.

Flint & Neill was established as an engineering consultancy in 1958 and specialises mainly in the design, analysis, construction and maintenance of bridges, tunnels, buildings, masts and towers and other structures. The firm is a subsidiary of the COWI Group and forms part of the Bridge, Tunnel and Marine Structures Division. The firm has access to engineering, environmental and planning resources sufficient for any project.

As engineers, we aspire to use and adapt the great materials and forces of nature for the use and benefit of mankind. Through the application of innovative and creative thinking, combined with sound established engineering knowledge, we apply our art and skill to designing structures which are economic and elegant, and which safely sustain the forces to which they are subjected. We also apply the same rigour to the checking, assessment and investigation work for which we are particularly well known, and to the economic maintenance and management of major bridges, tunnels and other structures.

Flint & Neill is pleased to announce that from 1 January 2017, we will rebrand as COWI. For more information, please visit our parent company website here and stay tuned for further updates.

Take a look at our Bridge, Tunnel and Marine brochures to find out more about the Flint & Neill, Donaldson Associates and COWI companies and projects.