Flint & Neill was formed in 1958 by Tony Flint and Tony Neill, the founding partners. Since then the firm has seen changes, but has always held true to the principles on which the firm was founded in tackling complex and challenging civil and structural engineering problems. More than 50 years later we continue to provide expert advice in a range of specialist engineering fields, building on the strong foundations which have been established over the years.

In December 2008 Flint & Neill joined COWI, the leading Danish consulting group.  Former Partners Ian Firth and David MacKenzie continue to lead the firm, with MacKenzie taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer and Firth continuing as Chief Operating Officer.

In addition, long standing staff members Jerry Cutter, John Rees, Hugo Wood and Paul Sanders have been appointed Directors to assist Firth and MacKenzie in leading the firm and their growing workload of worldwide projects.

COWI have particular expertise in long span bridges and major crossings and as such the merger strengthens the firm’s ability to respond to client’s needs by bringing greater skills and resources in these particular areas. The merger also provides a greater skill base that enables the firm to venture into newer fields that require similar engineering skills.

Flint & Neill Partners 1958 - 2008

1958 – 1978      A.R. Flint, J.A. Neill
1978 – 1981      A.R. Flint, J.A. Neill, B.W. Smith
1981 – 1990      A.R. Flint, B.W. Smith
1990 – 1994      B.W. Smith, J.E. Evans, I.P.T. Firth
1994 – 1997      B.W. Smith, J.E. Evans, I.P.T. Firth
1997 – 1999      J.E. Evans, I.P.T. Firth, D.K.MacKenzie
1999 – 2002      J.E. Evans, I.P.T. Firth, D.K.MacKenzie
2002 – 2008      I.P.T. Firth, D.K.MacKenzie

Flint & Neill Limited Board of Directors since 2008

David MacKenzie
Ian Firth
Lars Hauge

Flint & Neill Management 2008

D.K. MacKenzie Chief Executive Officer
I.P.T. Firth Chief Operating Officer
J.D. Cutter Director
E.J. Rees Director
P.A. Sanders Director
H. Wood Director


We have been engaged to provide all manner of structural engineering services from the design of new structures and the rehabilitation of old ones, to the investigation of failures and the development of codes of practice and design standards. In this, we have been fortunate to work for many clients all over the world with whom we are proud to have long associations.

We have been fortunate to have been appointed to work on some major and iconic structures, some of which are illustrated in the Projects section of this web site. We have therefore been able to develop a portfolio which encompasses long, medium and short span bridges, tall towers and guyed masts, conventional and unusual building structures and other special structures. We have also established a reputation for our investigative and structural forensic work, and for expert inspection, assessment, monitoring and refurbishment of existing structures. Since joining the COWI Group in 2008 we have added tunnelling and offshore wind farms to our portfolio and are able to tackle ever larger and more diverse challenges.

We employ highly trained and well qualified engineers whose breadth of experience has enabled us to continue operating as specialists, and from this platform of excellence we provide a highly skilled and fundamentally sound approach to our clients and their structural engineering needs.

The firm continues to thrive and looks to developing established technologies and exploring new ideas with like-minded individuals and organisations.